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Relationship Advice from PP: “Stop Thinking of Her As a Person”

— Posted by John (May 10, 2011 at 3:21 pm)

no pp logoSupporters of Planned Parenthood are quick to point out that abortions aren’t all that PP does.

And although abortions do make up 98% of the “services” PP offers to pregnant women, it is true that they’re not the only thing they do.

Among other things, they also link approvingly from their Facebook page to essays in newspapers like the New York Times that recommend that guys get over their natural inhibitions about having premarital sex by thinking about women not as people, but as animals.

No. Really.

Last week in the NYT, college student Andrew Limbong wrote about how he wanted to have sex with his girlfriend, but the influence of his mother and his Christian upbringing was holding him back. Rather than listen to his conscience, he sought the advice of a friend:

His advice? Breathe a lot, do some push-ups and don’t really think about it. “Stop thinking about her as a person,” he told me. “People are animals, and having sex is a natural thing that animals do all the time.”

Oh, and did I mention that the essay opens with Limbong and his girlfriend going to a pharmacy to get the morning-after pill?

Planned Parenthood’s analysis:


Planned Parenthood pretty much tells us everything we need to know about them when they give the message that thinking about women as animals and not as people is a way of “staying true to one’s self” and “moving forward when you’re ready”.

HT: Kathleen Gilbert

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3 Comments on “Relationship Advice from PP: “Stop Thinking of Her As a Person””

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  1. Ceecee says:

    What happened to the left wing, feminist culture I grew up in during the 60’s and 70’s? This degrading females stuff wouldn’t have gone over back then. “Stop thinking of her as a person,” would have caused feminists to howl with protest. No self-respecting liberal would have urged anybody to have sex with a woman by “stop thinking of her as a person.” Only male chavinist pigs did that. Back in the day, we protested anything that threatened the dignity and humanity of women or racial minorities. No way would Planned Parenthood have nodded approvingly to something like that.

    We’ve fallen a long way, baby. Maybe that’s why I don’t relate well to the modern mainstream feminists. Planned Parenthood has even been caught supporting human trafficking, which is the cruelest human rights abuse on the planet today, not to mention a form of slavery.

    Comment posted May 11th, 2011 at 1:36 am
  2. sophi says:

    if you actually read the nyt piece you’d know that the author is quoting a friend and acknowledges the poor choice of wording.

    and if you knew anything about feminism you’d know they’re more concerned with the actual message and not just the choice of words.

    and even with the poor choice of words the message his friend was trying to get across is clearly that “humans are animals and that sex is natural.” and taken in the context of the whole article it becomes part of a nice story of coming to terms with the sexual hangups he got from his traditional/strict religious upbringing.

    and beyond that, even the congressman who claimed 98% of what pp does is abortion came out and said it wasn’t a factual statement. so repeating that lie only hurts your credibility.

    Comment posted May 11th, 2011 at 2:53 pm
  3. Generations for Life » Blog Archive » Relationship Advice from PP: “Stop Thinking of Her As a Person” Part 2 says:

    […] response to my post last week — Relationship Advice from Planned Parenthood: “Stop Thinking of Her As a Person” — a commenter named Sophi wrote the following: if you actually read the nyt piece you’d know […]

    Comment posted May 19th, 2011 at 11:21 am