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Don’t Take Free Speech for Granted

— Posted by John (July 18, 2012 at 3:50 pm)

freespeechnz.org logoAlthough there are certainly some exceptions, high school and college students in the United States are usually able to form pro-life clubs and operate on their campuses with relatively little trouble from the administration.

But students in other countries don’t always have it so easy.

Consider the case of Prolife Auckland, a student club at Auckland University in New Zealand who “embrace a secular pro-life philosophy.”

On May 16, members of the group distributed copies of this leaflet [PDF] titled “Right to Know,” dealing with informed consent and abortion.

The university students association claimed to have received an anonymous complaint about the leaflet, and as a result, tried to have Prolife Auckland banned from campus.


To illustrate the insanity of it all, Prolife Auckland produced this video:

The good news, though, is that just today, Auckland University students voted against kicking the pro-life group out.

Prolife Auckland: our prayers are with you. Keep up the fight!

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