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The Myth of Contraception

—Posted by Elizabeth (March 28, 2010 at 7:03 pm)

yaz Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard either this argument or a similar one: “The promotion and use of contraception would reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies, and subsequently the number of abortions.”

While I can see the perceived train of thinking behind this proposal, the argument is flawed.

Contraception use does not decrease the number of abortions. If it did, why would Planned Parenthood so readily provide contraceptives to anyone and everyone they can? No form of birth control is, or pretends to be, 100% effective. In fact, according to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, over half of women who have abortions were using some form of contraception during the month they become pregnant.

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A Problem of Not Enough Food?

—Posted by Christina (January 13, 2009 at 6:10 pm)

You’ll probably remember me posting a blog in response to an article that came out in the sping of last year, and the article was titled, “Want to Help the Environment? Don’t Have Children”. Time Magazine printed it.

The blazing hypocrisy and stupidity of the article was almost mind boggling, and I was just fuming.

I’m still fuming. Every time that article comes to mind, I just can’t take it! I think that it was an excellant example of the Culture of Death using extreme lies to propagate their agenda. (more…)

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Eugenic Abortion in A Catholic Hospital

—Posted by Christina (December 13, 2008 at 11:21 pm)

Some of the biggest news right now on Lifesitenews.com is a story about how St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital in London, Ontario has been doing “induction” abortions for 20 years! The story is here.

I was especially sickened at how the chief ethicist at the hospital, Fr. Michael Prieur, defended this eugenic abortion practice. He said that they weren’t actually killing the babies, but that they were just taking the babies out and letting them die. What a grand twist!

Dosen’t he understand that, because the intention is to end the life of the baby, they are indeed killing the baby?
Why else are they taking the baby out? Their direct intention is the end the baby’s life, to kill the baby! So they’re doing abortions. (more…)

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Wanted vs. Unwanted

—Posted by Christina (August 9, 2008 at 3:15 pm)

That’s a scary title, isn’t it?

It’s scary if you know that I am using it as it is applied to people by our culture, which I am.

Wanted or unwanted: which are you? Who’d like to be asked such a question? And yet our culture asks that question of every one of us. Our culture asks that question of us many times in our lives, beginning at our conception. Wanted or unwanted: which are you?

And on what, I ask our culture, does our wantedness or unwantedness depend? On human opinion? Oooo, that sounds sickeningly relative. Very dependent on whims.

So according to our culture, a person’s value depends not on who he is, but on whether or not he is liked for what he is. Scarily relative, holding no water. (more…)

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Animal Rights Before Human Rights?

—Posted by Christina (July 20, 2008 at 6:24 pm)

This animal-rights-before-human-rights stuff is old hat for us, but I had to say something about a recent article that I came across about the State of Hawaii becoming enraged at the torturous death of a green sea turtle. Article here.

Of course it’s good and proper for the states to take measures to see that their animals are respected and protected; we’re totally in support of this.

But what we want to know is why the states aren’t also taking measures to protect the smallest and most innocent of their people from the evil of abortion. Take this: it is a federal crime to harm a green sea turtle in Hawaii, but the “right” to kill little babies is protected by law!

Why did they get it inside out and backwards here? What brought on the great tragedy where it is common belief that people do not have near the worth of animals?

Would that every state and every individual would become enraged at the torturous murder of little babies!

God bless.

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One Dead, Two Wounded.

—Posted by Christina (July 7, 2008 at 11:34 am)

You’ve most probably seen the pro-life slogan that runs, “Abortion: One Dead, One Wounded.” I think that this slogan is wonderful for exposing the ruin that abortion brings to both mother and child, and it is a beautiful expression of our compassion for the mothers who are victims of abortion and not just the babies.

But you know, while I see it as truthful and beautiful, I also see it as incomplete. Every abortion does kill a baby, and every abortion does wound a mother, but in this slogan that mentions only the baby and his/her mother, we have again forgotten the father. (more…)

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“Is This What You Mean?”

—Posted by Christina (June 26, 2008 at 11:30 am)

Fr. Frank Pavone at Priests for Life has a very ingenious new pro-life political project going, called, “Is This What You Mean?” The details about it can be read here.

Simply put, it is an effort to challenge pro-abortion politicians on their abortion stance, describing abortion procedures to them in the words of abortionists, and then asking them, “When you say you support abortion, is this what you mean?”

Such a challenge could be used in any town hall meeting that any official is holding for the public.

Making it necessary for politicians to face up to what they’re supporting in such a way can be powerful! Not only does the politician have to hear and face what abortion really is, but all the other people in the room also are fully informed about what abortion does to babies.

This project also serves to unmask abortion before politicians and the public. It makes abortion to no longer be merely “a choice for women”, or a vague “right” that the Supreme Court validated 35 years ago, or a “family planning choice”, or any other deceiving, sugar-coated lie. And who better know what abortion is than abortionists who perform them? Whom we will be quoting in our challenges to politicians.

Fr. Frank was also talking about how this “Is This What You Mean?” project can be used in so many other areas of pro-life activism. In classrooms, debates, blogs, and editorials are just a few places where we can expose abortion to those who either support it or who are considering supporting it. Anyone who says, “I am pro-choice”, or, “I support abortion”, needs to hear what abortion really is.

Like graphic signs, this project is another way of showing exactly what abortion is, but with words instead, the words of those who perform abortions.

I am certainly going to be a part of this very powerful project, and I hope that you too will use this new way of defending the unborn.

God bless.

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“Important Discovery” from the Culture of Death

—Posted by Christina (May 16, 2008 at 4:38 pm)

Sometimes, things seem to be getting stranger and stranger. I always wonder what those who promote the Culture of Death are going to come up with next. What will be their next “ingenious” attack on human life and dignity?

I just read an article from Time Magazine that really was an “ingenious” attack on human life and dignity! I really can’t believe what I read sometimes. Our pro-life position seems so terribly sensible and simple compared to some of the Culture of Death “reasonings”. (more…)

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The Myth: Pro-Lifers are Filled with Hate

—Posted by Eric Scheidler (May 11, 2006 at 4:28 pm)

Note: This is the second installment in an occassional series by Eric Scheidler on the myths many people hold about pro-lifers and the pro-life movement.

Does this young woman look to you like she’s filled with hate?

One of the most common claims being made about pro-lifers and the pro-life movement is that we are “filled with hate” or that we are bent on “spreading hate.” We hear this all the time in press statements by the likes of NARAL, NOW and Planned Parenthood. It’s all over the blogosphere.

In a way, this is a diffucult myth to address. For one thing, it’s so far out of phase with reality that it’s hard to know where to begin. When I think of the kindness and generosity of the pro-life activists that it’s my priviledge to stand with out on the street . . .

But why would anyone who’s willing to believe this myth in the first place take my word for it? Never mind that it would be rather out of character for a hate-monger to care what anyone thinks of him.

I suppose the only way to really debunk this one is for those who hold it to spend time with pro-lifers and find out what we’re really like. The best I can do along those lines here in this article is to offer some typical pictures of pro-life activists doing what we do. Aside from that, I’d like to explore some of the psychology behind this myth.


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Debunking the Myths about Pro-Lifers

—Posted by Eric Scheidler (April 26, 2006 at 1:05 pm)

04-07-04 ProtestTake a look at the picture at right. It’s from a protest on April 7, 2004 at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and it says a lot about the myths—and realities—about who pro-lifers really are. That’s a topic I want to take up in some detail over the coming weeks.

In this photo you see a pro-abortion counter-protestor holding a sign that reads, Racist, Sexist, Anti-gay, Born again BIGOTS GO AWAY, a favorite slogan among of the pro-abortion activists. To his left stands Joe Scheidler, my father and the founder of the Pro-Life Action League, who has just been hit in the face with a blast of black dye. He required medical attention and his left eye troubles him to this day. His pro-abortion attacker was never apprehended.


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