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Poverty: Where We All Started

—Posted by John (December 14, 2010 at 10:54 am)

Population Research Institute has just released the 4th installment in their slickly produced “Overpopulation Is a Myth” video series:

You can get more details on the science behind this video here.


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Eric Scheidler Visits Ireland to Encourage Pro-Life Youth

—Posted by Eric Scheidler (November 22, 2010 at 2:26 pm)

Earlier this month I had the great privilege to speak at the second annual “Viva la Vida” pro-life youth conference in Dublin, Ireland.

The conference was hosted at Griffith College by Youth Defence—one of the world’s most dynamic pro-life groups—with hundreds of pro-life youth in attendance from across Ireland and throughout Europe.

After flying through the night from Chicago, I arrived in Dublin the morning of Friday, November 5 with just enough time to snatch a quick one-hour nap before meeting Crossroads’ Dave Bathon and a group of young pro-lifers from Belgium in the lobby of my hotel.

International Protest at Marie Stopes Abortion Referral Center

Together we walked two miles to a protest at the Marie Stopes abortion referral center, where we met up with the regular prayer warriors at the facility. Abortion is illegal in Ireland, but Marie Stopes arranges package deals for Irish women to get abortions in England and the Netherlands. (more…)

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Debunking the Myth

—Posted by John (May 4, 2010 at 1:41 pm)

Population Research Institute has just released the 3rd installment in their slickly produced “Overpopulation Is a Myth” video series:

You can get more details on the information in the video here.


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Overpopulation Underpopulation Is the Problem

—Posted by John (February 19, 2010 at 3:32 pm)

Population Research Institute has just released the second installment in its “Overpopulation Is a Myth” series— a slickly produced video that explains in easy-to-understand terms why underpopulation is the real looming demographic disaster.

I first saw this video earlier this week, and about an hour later I received an e-mail from a journalist in the UK asking for a brief comment for a story he was writing about a young British woman who, based on a belief that having children would have damaging effects on the quality of life of people already living, had decided to be sterilized.


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Overpopulation Is a Myth

—Posted by John (July 29, 2009 at 3:04 pm)

This great new video from Population Research Institute explains how the myth came to be, and how the predictions made by those who believe in it have turned out to so hopelessly wrong:

You may also want to check out their new website — Overpopulationisamyth.com — which has more details on the information in the video.

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Talking about Overpopulation

—Posted by John (October 27, 2006 at 5:08 pm)


Reader Ellen recently alerted us to an entry posted earlier this month on the pro-abortion blog RHRealityCheck — the same blog that also recently included a series of posts by one Tyler LePard, who attended our “Contraception Is Not the Answer” conference last month.

In an entry titled “Rethinking Overpopulation”, Andrea Lynch writes:

Amidst the media hysteria about the U.S. population reaching 300 million this month, it seems an opportune moment to reflect on the deeply subjective nature of the concept of “overpopulation.” One example: how is it that Europe’s low birth rate is a population “crisis,” whereas Africa’s high birth rate is also a population “crisis”? Three guesses.

For this and other food for thought, I highly recommend 10 Reasons to Rethink ‘Overpopulation’ [PDF], a thoughtful new resource from Hampshire College’s Population and Development Program that explores the links between population, reproductive health, human rights, racism, and the environment. Here are some particularly compelling reasons to rethink:

1. Population control targets women’s fertility and restricts reproductive rights.
2. Population alarmism encourages apocalyptic thinking that legitimizes human rights abuses.
3. Conventional views of overpopulation stand in the way of greater global understanding and solidarity.

If I had my way, it would be required reading for all 300 million Americans…

In response, reader KellyR posted a comment that begins:

I was surprised to see this post. I would consider these old arguments to be harmful rhetoric and should be placed as such under that portion of your website. The paper referenced above only harms the family planning/reproductive health movement now that we’ve moved on.


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300 Million and Counting

—Posted by John (October 16, 2006 at 2:53 pm)

Any day now, the U. S. population will cross the 300 million mark. There are two ways to look at this news. You could say:

  1. This is good. Or:
  2. This is bad.

Georgie Anne Geyer, in her recent column, “A World of Hurt Will Follow Population Explosion”, goes with #2, and therefore gets it wrong.

Father Tom Euteneuer, in his recent column, “Baby Three Hundred Million”, goes with #1, and therefore gets it right.

Some highlights from Euteneuer’s article:

First, why is it that “growth” is only a problem when it concerns humans? When a new calf is born to a farmer he knows he’s a richer man; but when a new baby is born to him we call him irresponsible.


Second, there is a deep-seated hypocrisy in the attitudes of westerners toward world population growth: that is, we only become alarmed at the growth of the populations of poor people, not rich ones. Ask the average American what areas of the world are overpopulated and she will inevitably tell you Africa and Asia. She may add Latin America due to the number of people who are undoubtedly so populous that they have to sneak across our borders to feed themselves. She will be wrong on all counts but facts are not relevant to overpopulation propaganda. Ask her what country has the third largest population in the world and she will likely not know that it is her own. We’ve been programmed to intuitively connect population growth with people of color and then to think that the best way to eliminate their poverty is to eliminate them.


Third, there is a profound ignorance about the nature of modern population growth. Since the end of the Second World War the world’s population more than doubled, sending shock waves of panic throughout the well-developed countries blaming the growth exclusively on the number of babies that all those poor people were having. The over-population histrionics ignored the reality that advances in health care and modern technology have contributed the lion’s share of that growth by simply keeping people alive longer and providing them with a better standard of living.

The Mark of Gideon, 1/17/69

Read the whole thing.

Looking back on laughable examples of pop culture birth control propaganda from the late Sixties, it’s astonishing to think that the overpopulation hoax still refuses to go away.

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The Myth That Just Won’t Die

—Posted by John (September 1, 2006 at 12:29 pm)

Queen Latifah was one of the presenters at yesterday’s MTV Video Music Awards. Before introducing Al Gore — who talked to a fawning audience about global warming — she talked about how population growth over the last century amounted to “messing with Mother Nature”.

How ironic: It’s an awards show in the year 2006 highlighting contemporary music, but how much more Stuck In The Sixties can you get than to wring your hands about overpopulation?

It’s as if Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb had just hit bookstore shelves (and thus had not yet been proven completely wrong), and the writers of Star Trek were still hard at work producing birth control propaganda.

The sign says it all:


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We Can’t Ignore the Elephant in the Living Room

—Posted by John (August 24, 2006 at 4:59 pm)

Close followers of the the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate will recognize that contraception now occupies a prominent position on the battlefield.

And not just potentially abortifacient “emergency contraception,” mind you, such as the FDA approved for over-the-counter sales this morning, but contraception per se.

It’s no surprise that self-styled pro-choicers are making a conscious effort to shift discussion away from abortion, because they know they’re up against the ropes in the arena of public opinion.

Hence, the pro-choice movement’s increased attention on birth control: From a PR standpoint, they think they have a winner.

This is precisely why pro-lifers cannot back away from this issue.

No doubt, opposition to contraception is a much harder sell to the general public than opposition to abortion. But that’s no excuse to shrug our shoulders and keep quiet.

On the contrary, we as pro-lifers have to keep the issue of birth control front and center, alongside abortion, where it belongs. (more…)

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Humanae Vitae: Still Right After All These Years

—Posted by John (July 25, 2006 at 5:48 pm)


On this day in 1968, Pope Paul VI, of happy memory, issued his landmark encyclical, Humanae Vitae (a phrase meaning “Of Human Life”, the official Latin version’s opening words) which reiterated the Catholic Church’s nearly 2,000 year old teaching that artificial contraception is sinful.

At the time, and even more so thirty-eight years later, many people — Catholic and otherwise — are shocked that at precisely a time when the winds of change were gale force, the Bride of Jesus Christ vowed that she would cling to such an “outmoded” view of sexual morality.

That Paul VI would reiterate the Christian condemnation against contraception is hardly a surprise, considering that no pope has the authority to change Church doctrine, much less natural law, which condemned contraception long before the Church was even around.

I first read Humanae Vitae during my sophomore year in college. I was prompted to do so because at the time, I had issues with the Church’s teaching against contraception. I had always been strongly against abortion, but I also believed that birth control could be helpful to the pro-life movement’s goal of eradicating abortion. (more…)

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